Thursday, 12 April 2007

Google Summer of Code: Localisation Projects

There are a few interesting Localisation-related projects in this years Google Summer of Code:
  • An upstream-friendly l10n Web UI for Fedora - Our goal is to build a platform that will facilitate localization processes of the Fedora L10N Project and other l10n communities. I will pursue this by deploying a Web User Interface for translation statistics which will also give translators seamless access to upstream-hosted translation files. This automation will benefit both the Fedora L10N Project in terms of usability and the upstream projects in terms of translation completeness.
  • KAider, computer-aided translation system - A KDE4 replacement for KBabel.
I did a Google Summer of Code project with KDE in 2005, and can highly recommend the program. I didn't manage to complete my slightly over-ambitious project, but I learned a lot along the way.